D Curl

D Curl Premium Single Lash Tray
$14.99 CAD

D Curl Premium Single Lash Tray

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HIGHEST QUALITY: Korean material eyelash extensions imported PBT material FAUX MINK: All lashes are soft faux mink material  EASY TO USE: Lashes c...

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$14.99 CAD

The Look Of D Curl Lashes

One of the advantages to the increasing popularity of lash extensions is the availability of different options in lash thickness, length, and curl. For a very natural and subtle look for many women, a C curl lash extension is the ideal option.

For a more dramatic look, the D curl lashes are an excellent choice and one that is very popular. This has a more distinctive upward curl that is even from the base or the lash extension to the tip. While they still look natural, they give the eye a more open look, and the lashes are more noticeable when the eye is both open and closed.

The choice of D curl lashes is also a good option if the natural lashes have only a slight curl. By careful placement of the extensions, the natural lashes can also be lifted, providing a uniform look to the eyelash that incorporates the existing lashes.

Options to Consider

When choosing from the top quality D curl lashes offered at CHEAPLASH, keep in mind our lash trays are available in 0.03 to 0.25 thickness. The lengths we offer range from 7mm through to 17mm, depending on the thickness selected. We also offer a mixed tray that offers a variety of lash extensions in the given thickness that range from 8mm to 14mm in length, which is ideal for blending and creating a custom shaping of the lashes from the outer edges of the eye to the middle of the lash line.