D Curl Lashes for Dramatic Looks in Calgary

Eyelash extensions have gone the way of jeans and lattes. There are now dozens upon dozens of options with as many variations. That's what makes playing with eyelash extensions so much fun. A little product knowledge can take your eyelash...

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Eyelash Glue: When Tacky Met Glam in Calgary

Great false lash glue is as important as the lashes you select. A high-quality lash extension paired with premium, fast-drying glue is key to a look that verges on red carpet ready. How do you choose the best eyelash extension...

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3D Volume Lashes: Create Crazy Red Carpet-Worthy Eyes in Calgary

3D volume lashes are arguably the best glam eye tool since lash extensions, period. The product itself and application technique offer endless possibilities, letting you craft naturally looking yet stunning, textural, lush eye looks for photo shoots, high-octane events and...

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