3D Volume Lashes: Create Crazy Red Carpet-Worthy Eyes in Calgary

3D volume lashes are arguably the best glam eye tool since lash extensions, period. The product itself and application technique offer endless possibilities, letting you craft naturally looking yet stunning, textural, lush eye looks for photo shoots, high-octane events and performances. What makes these lashes so special? Here's a short list of their spectacular qualities.

Soft Yet Highly Sturdy

3D fan lashes are notoriously supple yet very durable. Each fan can last up to three months or longer with proper maintenance. These fans are often handmade to ensure high quality, supreme craftsmanship and sturdiness. They are also most often made with silk, mink or faux mink.

Faux mink consists of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). PBT is a lightweight yet strong thermoplastic. It is naturally insulated, has high dimensional stability and strength and is resistant to most other chemicals. This gives faux mink 3D volume eyelashes the ability to resist cold, moisture, daily usage, long-term wear and chemicals from other face products. The result is a feather-light, rich lash that looks real, feels magnificent and lasts long.

Removable and Easily Customized

3D fan lashes differ from other false lashes in two key ways. They aren't a band of lashes you apply to the lash line. They're individual lash fans you apply one at a time in a configuration that can be unique every single time. Also, since you typically apply 3D fan lashes directly to your natural lash line, the fans blend into your natural lash while imparting depth, volume and added texture.

3D fan lashes come in a variety of stem lengths. By interspersing different stem lengths, you can better mimic the variations in lengths that are inherent in most female and male eyelashes. You can also envision and bring to life more diverse looks to suit the tastes, eye shapes and sensibilities of your clientele.

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