Eyelash Glue: When Tacky Met Glam in Calgary

Great false lash glue is as important as the lashes you select. A high-quality lash extension paired with premium, fast-drying glue is key to a look that verges on red carpet ready. How do you choose the best eyelash extension glue? Here's a brief guide on what to look for when shopping in Calgary, Alberta, for your next favorite eyelash product.

Free of Harmful Additives

Depending on your sensitivity or allergies, you may want to hunt down lash extension glue that is devoid of certain additives. Luckily, there are many eco-friendly and hypoallergenic products on the market that are free of latex, BPA, gluten and sulfates. Any of these types is the best eyelash extension glue for you if you have allergies or want to sustain a certain level of eco-friendliness.

What Color Does It Dry?

Some lash extensions glue go on clear and dry clear. Some go on white and dry clear. Others go on as a specific color and dry that same color or darker. Glues that dry clear are great for looks with little to no shadow and for a fairer palette. By contrast, glues that dry dark can gorgeously intensify and harmonize with smoky effects, darker palettes, and darker skin tones.

Dark eyelash extension glue also eliminates the need to retouch your eyeliner to mask or blend the glue you apply.

Waterproof Lash Extension Glue

Tears aren't the only enemy of eye makeup. Humidity, precipitation and sweat can also have you looking smudged and messy in no time. A waterproof product is the best eyelash extension glue for looks that must endure damp environments or nights spent dancing. Waterproof glue also keeps your look intact in the event of freak weather.

Strong hold and durability are other qualities your ideal lash extension glue should have. Glues that keep your lashes put for days and days generally afford you more security than products whose limited staying power finds you losing lash extensions sooner rather than later. Cheaplash is your source in Calgary for eyelash extension glue that meets all these criteria. Explore our vast selection today for your next dream glam tool.

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