Achieve the Look You Want with Lash Extensions in Calgary, AB, Canada

If you're a beauty professional in Calgary AG Canada, you'll likely need eyelash extension supplies to service some of your clients. Lashes are a cosmetic trend that probably won't go out of style any time soon, and there are always new developments when it comes to fashion lashes. Cheap Lash is your trusted resources for getting the accessories and supplies you need. Our company also ships products to stylists and beauty gurus outside of the Calgary area.

A Variety of Lash Styles

There are several eyelash extensions to choose from for clients who prefer individual lashes. In most cases, individual lashes provide a more natural look while making the lashes appear fuller and more appealing. You can also find various curl patterns for individual lashes, so you can discover the lashes that work best for your clients. Application is extremely natural too. The lashes are made of faux mink for a smooth and sleek appearance, and you can choose from 9-mm to 14-mm lengths. The lashes are neatly arranged in rows so that you can easily choose the lash varieties you want and quickly apply them to the lash line of your client.

Extreme Lash Options and Additional Supplies

In addition to 2D lashes, Cheap Lash offers 3D, 5D, and 6D lashes, along with 8D and 10D lashes. These lashes are ideal for photo shoots and dramatic looks, and they can also be used for costume design. Cheap Lash also provides several types of lash glue in black and clear varieties so that the lashes will adhere and stay in place for hours. We even have the supplies you need for shaping and defining eyebrows as well as microneedling supplies, so you can provide both eyelash and brow services for your clients. You can also take advantage of promotions and discounts on our website, especially if you're a repeat customer.

For more information on eyelash extension supplies and how to make the purchases you need to service clients or achieve the perfect lash look for yourself, contact Cheap Lash or visit today.

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