D Curl Lashes for Dramatic Looks in Calgary

Eyelash extensions have gone the way of jeans and lattes. There are now dozens upon dozens of options with as many variations. That's what makes playing with eyelash extensions so much fun. A little product knowledge can take your eyelash extension playbook from experimental to expert. One key quality to master is eyelash extension curl type and application. Here's your short guide to D curl lashes.

The Best Kind of Drama

D curl is aptly named, because lash artists most often describe it as dramatic. This eyelash extension is the most lifted, with an upward curve evoking the outer silhouette of its namesake alphabet letter. D curl is the most visible and resplendent when viewed from the front, making it a go-to for photo shoots, red carpet events, televised appearances and performances.

When to Use D Curl Lashes

There are no hard and fast rules on the most appropriate degree of eyelash extension curl for your face. Rather, it's best to select the curl that corresponds to whatever effect you're aiming to serve. That being said, lash artists are mostly in agreement about the face types, unique eye shapes and face silhouettes that D curl eyelash extensions tend to flatter.

Reach for a D curl if you have close-set eyes. Blend D with CC, deploying the former for up to 3/4 of the lid and the latter for the outer corners. D curl is also helpful for downturned eyes. When mixed with CC for the outer corners, D curl gives downturned eyes a gorgeous boost that counters any perceived droopiness.

Short D curl eyelashes impart depth, sexiness and charm to prominent or large eyes. Larger eyes adorned with a lash that has more curl and lift appear more symmetrical and balanced visually.

Thickness and Length

Like all lash extensions, D curl lashes are available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths to suit any eye shape, size and occasion. Made of durable yet soft material, these lashes can last for a while when properly cared for.

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